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    Strange Weather in Tokyo

    Staff Picks

    I call it a pure love story……, but the circumstance involves two individuals who are 30 years apart. Lonely Tsukiko (meaning moon child in Japanese) one day encounters her old high school teacher at her favorite Japanese pub. They soon find each other inseparable.

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    My Brother's Husband 1

    Staff Picks

    Though the story is quite heartbreaking at times, overall it leaves the reader with a sense of hope that the current younger generation of Japan will help bring more openness and acceptance towards LGBTQ members of their society. It is a worthwhile read for anybody, but particularly for anyone interested in Japan, LGBTQ culture, and/or cultural differences in general. A staple for any manga lover’s collection.

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    Kamen Rider Amazons Gaiden Hotarubi 3

    Staff Picks

    What do you think if there is an organism that eats human beings? What if it is hidden and live in human society? This comic book is a remarkable series of Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) that is more violent, horrific, and dramatic than any other ones.

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    A Dog's Purpose

    Staff Picks

    This book is a great way to see the world from a dog's perspective and the author does a phenomenal job with it. The story follows a dog named Toby and his journey through four lives via reincarnation and how he looks for his purpose through each of his lives with different owners.

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    The Reason I Jump

    Staff Picks

    My own personal experiences with autistic children and adults are minimal; I have a sister that's a Special Education Teacher and an older cousin who was diagnosed with autism. This book showed me what can go on through the minds of those that are on the spectrum.